Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Brief 'Nova Post, With Photos

Myself with Gail Simone, who was very nice and told me I seemed 'fun'.

Post-pancake stack!

 I was working the Liedekijn booth with some friends, which was an enormous amount of fun. I went un-costumed on Sunday and spent the vast majority of the day in the booth, bar the 45 minutes I waited to meet Dave Gibbons (who was incredibly nice and by far the best famous-person-meeting-experience I think I've had) (not pictured: his signature and the little sketch he did of Rorschach in my copy of Watchmen) (so cool). I also did some little $5 sketch commissions, which went down pretty well - I made a few bucks, and got to draw some fun things/ people. Shout-outs to the three super adorable Honey-senpai's and the Crowley and Aziraphale for being super cool, plus beard guy for his enormous patience with my flailing.

Something I did to kill time - this is my most favouritest thing I have drawn, ever, and shall definitely end up being a print.

I definitely want to work a booth again some time, this time with my own prints, plus doing the sketches again. Hopefully I'll be set up to take commissions online soon, too!
I'll post a longer blog maybe tomorrow evening with more photos, and there'll be an article about it on within the next couple of days as well. Yay words!

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