Monday, 11 January 2016

Poem(s) for Bowie

So many called me up to say
it was only just the other day
I know so many people who
they were only just talking to
it seems like the strangest kind
of coincidence, you were just on their mind

and they call you the starman,
but you've been on earth for a long time
resting on the surface for a long time
spreading out your lines
like a spider from Mars

and cases full of costumes
and boxes full of you
and rectangles of paper
telling us all who
were you

which mask will you be buried in
a suit of many skins
stitched together from the faces
of all your many men
a grave in all the places
where you've been

you'll get to live forever
I've poured glitter in my eyes
wishing it was stardust
and you're on the other side
but it's just us now
who were just talking about you
and now that's all we'll ever do

 Photos by my boyfriend Kim.