Monday, 13 June 2016

Small Violence: A Brief Commitment to Phone Memos (tw blood)

3:10pm 20.05.16

Realisation two steps later that the tiny puddle of syrup passed outside the doors of the emergency room was blood

3:16pm 20.05.16

Realisation that the blood was still wet


Pressing skinned knees into the tram floor to retrieve an empty iced tea bottle. My tram voice is louder than it used to be

4pm 21.05.16

K, G and I follow a trail of blood from a creep kicked out of G's neighbour's house. We debate the projectile capacity of veins vs arteries

3:15 pm 27.05.16

There's a hole in one of my gorman socks. I do a mental catalogue of everything by the brand that I own and realise I'm a much bigger sucker than I thought

3:46pm 01.06.16

A girl tells her mother about her school friends cracking a dead crab open with a boogieboard

(uncatalogued: several days of passing the emergency room doors and noticing the puddle of blood is dried now, dark red, never cleaned. Fondness for the word 'biohazard')

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