Monday, 7 March 2016

Music Video Fan Fiction: Sci-Fi Assassins Edition

Today is International Women's Day! It is also about a million degrees and I am very warm and uncomfortable but I'm powering through to bring you some music videos by cool ladies that I am convinced exist in the same universe. There's probably not a great feminist message here but my underboobs are really sweaty so it's fine.

First up to set the scene is Kill v Maim by Grimes. I love this video so much? Anyway, this is the cool cyberpunk world full of bright clothes and girl gangs that this MV fanfic takes place in. 

Next up is Toxic by Britney Spears aka possibly the best MV of all time? because this fic is about lady assassins. More world building! Britney is one of the first assassins in the agency later taken over by...

Taylor Swift in the Bad Blood video, obvs. Linking these two was one of the first thoughts I had when I saw Bad Blood (I'm kinda mad Britney didn't have a cameo?). There are obvious references in Bad Blood to Toxic and nothing will convince me that they aren't part of the same narrative.

After Taylor's fight with Selena destroys a bunch of stuff, including the agency, female assassins everywhere are going rogue and making splinter groups, with apocalyptic results. That brings us to this awesome video I just discovered for the song Sexy Love by South Korean act T-Ara. The video seems to be part of a larger series? Anyway, for fic/headcanon purposes this clip shows splinter groups and survivors in the wake of T-Swift's girl-hate-ocalypse. There are swords! It's great.

Even though comets apparently destroy the earth ?? in the last video there are still survivors. Led by Beyonce! Because girls are still on top. Feminism! I just love assassins and fashion and the apocalypse, it's fine. Beyonce for President. 

I'm going to a Graduate Job Fair tomorrow and maybe I will dress like an assassin? I hope you are surviving the heat and that you have a nice day and don't do crime for money. Goodbye I am too warm why do I have a velvet desk chair.

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