Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Small Things

I'm writing from my parents' office in rural NSW. I've been to the beach twice and have sunburn on my left shoulder. After I left the water, we spotted a stringray right where I had been. It's the year of the monkey, which means this should be my year.

I think about cosmic payoffs and universal balance and whatever else it is that gets called karma that actually isn't. 'One good turn deserves another'. What's reward from working really hard and what's reward from the universe after a string of bad luck? The closest I get to superstition is telling myself, after a really hard time, that something really good must be coming my way. This yeat though I mean to put the work in instead of just feeling crap and waiting for something good to land in front of me.

Looking at old artworks has reminded me that I need to work harder on my technical ability. I feel like I've gone backwards in some respects. I need to focus on my realist drawing as much as my comics and lineart, and different mediums besides. 

It's too warm today. I need a book and a nap. 

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