Thursday, 17 January 2013

Hello, blog


And apparently this means I have a google+ account now, which is awful.

I'll be posting infrequently to start with, then hopefully more often when semester starts again and my life gets more interesting/ I need something to procrastinate with.

Anyway, for me the next few weeks are: trying to find a new house to move into and filling in job applications, which is about as thrilling as two non-thrilling things. I'm reading 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' and I just bought Grimes' CD because *spoilers* I am a boring white hipster person.

Mostly this shall be ranty things which I don't think are good fits for Gay Geek (the website I work for, posting as 'Eddie') and occasionally if I do a Life Thing I will write about that. My arts shall remain mostly on tumblr, so unless I have a Big Project Thing, that is where my illustration-y stuff shall be.

I predict this blog shall be a slow and sorry slump into self-realisation at how boring I am with the odd really narcissistic post about how I am awesome, because that is my life, I guess? Anyway, here's to something new to regret when I'm older!

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